Analog Video Management / DVR Recording

We talked earlier about hybrid systems, which allow you to incorporate analog CCTV cameras into a networked surveillance solution. Managing video in this type of system requires a digital video recorder (DVR). With a DVR, your software, hardware, and video storage are all combined in a single unit that accepts analog camera feeds and digitizes them.

Benefits of DVR Technology:

  • Remote Access

Almost all DVRs now support remote monitoring over the internet. While the analog CCTV systems of the past were limited to dedicated security monitors in a central location, today’s DVR systems let you access your camera feeds in real-time from any web-enabled computer, and some systems even enable viewing via handheld devices.

  • Secure Connectivity

Password protection ensures that only authorized users can access footage remotely.

  • Video Compression

Helping to further optimize storage space, digital video recorders support a variety of compression formats, from Motion JPEG and MPEG-4, to leading-edge H.264 technology. These compression technologies help to reduce video file sizes while maintaining optimum image quality.